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  Dentatus AB, a Swedish company, has manufactured prefabricated posts since the 1930’s. The anatomically shaped posts offer extra retention for various restorations. Dentatus offers a variety of post systems to meet various needs. Prefabricated posts are easy to use and give normally an equally good result as cast posts, to a lower cost level.


Classic and AztecTM Metal Posts
  Dentatus Classic Surtex posts are surface treated by blasting. The sand blasted anatomical shape increases the retention by 200%. The surface also reduces glare, which makes the post more suitable for use with translucent restorative materials. Surtex Classic posts are available in titanium, gold plated and stainless steel.
  Another step in the evolution is the Aztec post, also in titanium. Aztec maintains the basic profile of Classic, but with a venting thread only along the parallel part of the post, and with a smooth apical end. The head has a new design, allowing it to be bent to fit the anatomical prerequisites.

Luscent Anchors
® and Twin Luscent Anchors® Fiberglass Posts
  Different fiberglass posts show different properties regarding translucency and light transmittance. Translucency is important for aesthetics and transmittance is important when the posts are to be used with light cured or dual cured materials.

  Luscent Anchors from Dentatus are in the forefront. The conical shape makes them easy to place also in very slim roots. Cemented with off the shelf bonding and flow composite systems, Luscent Anchors have high light transmitting and translucency properties, for safe curing and excellent aesthetics. They are color coded and available in six different sizes.

  Twin Luscent Anchors are made from the same material as Luscent but shaped into a classical parallel-sided post, with a conical tip, an outspoken time-glass shaped waistline and a venting groove. The mid-section increases the mechanical retention. Twin Luscent Anchors are available in four sizes, all color-coded, for easy identification.

  Luminex is a special light guide with very high light transmitting properties, used to light cure restoration material inside root canals, to strengthen very thin walls. The posts are discarded after light curing is made, leaving a “Dentatus Standard Root canal”. The standardized canal fits all Dentatus prefabricated posts.

  For more information, read more at www.dentatus.com or contact Dentatus via e-mail info@dentatus.se or telephone +46-8-546 509 00.


For more information, read more at www.dentatus.com

 telephone +46 8 546 509 00.




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