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Easy2Fix System

Easy2Fix, a unique dental implant system was developed to overcome the surgical trauma, the lack of adequate bone volume and its elevated cost by using small diameter guided implants with biomechanical enhanced primary stability, allowing immediate and long lasting denture stabilization.
The design has been validated by biomechanical testing and clinical randomized controlled trials published in international journals of implant dentistry. The procedure takes 15 minutes and there is no recovery period for the patient, allowing immediate function without the typical risks associated with other surgical implants, it provides a very precise standardized protocol, useful for general practitioners and beginners.
The Easy2Fix system, offering the most cost-effective solution in one dentist’s session, is the perfect solution for edentulous patients.

Non Touch Package

An innovative NON-TOUCH package, which includes titanium sleeve for each size of the implant. The new design creates faster and easier access to the implant with driver/motor mount with special Snap-On mechanism for elevation and delivery of the implant to the osteotomy site.
Unlike the methods of other companies, this method does not decrease the active area of the drivers that work on the interior hexagon of the implant and in doing so maintains the effectiveness of the penetration and work.
Also the new drivers were adjusted to work with Cortex Implants with Premium package that was designed for immediate implant loading.

Implant Premium Package

Direct Mounting of Implant and Abutment (Carrier).
The most sterile way of extracting the implant from its case and transferring it to the implant location.
Time saving and easy to use transferring system.

Transfer/Impression coping

The firm transfer device is easily separated after mounting into two parts:
- The transfer top can be disposed of.
- Impression coping to be used as part of the implantation procedure.

Saturn Dental Implant

Ideal for soft or regenerated bone D4/D5. This implant is designed to increase primary stability in cases of immediate replacement after extraction or in cases of sinus elevation. Also, can act as rescue implant in cases of failed implantation.
Saturn's "wings" provide substantial initial stability, reducing stress distribution at the alveolar cortex and optimize esthetic restoration. Primary stability of the Saturn implant in the empty socket is over 40 Ncm, enabling the immediate placement of esthetic temporary crowns. The Saturn is suitable for implantation for lower molar extraction sites. 
When there is adequate room (14 mm mesio-distal). "Saturn" is also suitable for cases of open and closed sinus grafting. Expanded diameter threads provide excellent initial stability even if the residual crestal height is low as only 3 or 4 mm.


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