- Narrow Body Implants
  The Atlas® Narrow Body Implant System is designed for thin narrow ridges in the mandible. Atlas Implants utilized with Tuf-Link™ silicone reline material provide cushioned support and stabilization with gentle, firm retention while distributing the chewing force on the ridge and implants. All without housings, o-rings or adhesives. Available in 1.8, 2.2, 2.4 & 2.8 mm diameter.
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  The Anew® Minimally invasive narrow body implants for screw retained single tooth prosthetics or multi-unit restorations. Anew 1.8, 2.2 and 2.4 mm diameter implants are designed for spaces where no others fit. Ideal for thin ridges, closely positioned roots, very slim teeth and limited vertical spaces. Userfriendly components for all kinds of restorations.
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  Profin® - the ultimate instrumentation for professional finishing and polishing. Safe and precise performance with its reciprocating action facilitates the finishing and polishing of natural dentition and all types of restorative materials, especially in hard-to-reach areas. To be used with Profin®/EVA Lamineer® Tips.
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  Profin®/EVA Lamineer® Tips - diamond coated, plastic and wooden tips for removal of gross overhangs and shaping of all restorative material. The tips give you excellent and well defined surfaces, also in normally hard-to-reach areas. Grits, sizes, shapes and surfaces cover all kinds of treatments, including aesthetics, prophylactics, orthodontics and others. Use in Profin®/EVA handpiecees.
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  The Dentatus Surtex® Classic post is the first surface treated metal post for optimal retention when introduced in 1998. Recognized by many as the standard in dental practice. The square cross cut head can be expanded in any plane to fit within the anticipated easthetic crown form.
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  The AztecTM Titanium anchors are based on the Dentatus Classic / Surtex posts but with a tapered smooth end. They have an extremely thin T-form extention head, which easily can be bent to anatomical needs. Ideal for narrow roots and well suited for wrap-around composite cores.
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  The Luminex® light-transmitting plastic post polymerizes composites inside roots to strengthen weak, debilitated root structures, leaving an ideal space for subsequent placement of prefabricated or custom cast posts and cores. Luminex smooth and grooved plastic posts can also be used as burnout posts for custom cast posts and cores.
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  Luscent Anchors® non-metallic posts transmit light for curing composites within the deep confines of canals providing anchorage and flawless aesthetics. The resin reinforced fiberglass post fulfill dentistry’s preference for very strong, non-metallic posts consistent with conventional adhesive techniques and materials. The radioluscent anchors transmit tooth color without being visible under the most adverse light conditions.
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  Twin Luscent Anchors® offer additional advantages to those of Luscent Anchors® by improved mechanical retention, against pulling and rotational forces. It gives a possibility to choose between tapered or parallell post shape, depending on which end is inserted in apical direction.
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  The design of Dentatus Articulators and FaceBows has been made to fulfill the requirements necessary for efficient and accurate study of occlusal relations, diagnosis and treatment planning in natural and artificial dentitions. Dentatus articulators and face bows are known world wide since the 1940’s for their robust but yet precise and reliable performance, which will last over many years.
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