- Medical technology is in the limelight. More than 200 companies will exhibit their innovative products during Bulmedica /Buldental


The medical exhibition Bulmedica / Buldental which takes place in Inter Expo Center, is increasingly concentrating on businesses and provides an opportunity for the companies from around the world to present their products and services in the medical and dental sector. So this will come as no surprise that the number of participating companies is growing every year, as this year’s edition involved 50 new companies ,while the total number of exhibitors outnumbered 200.


The majority of the companies come from Bulgaria, including 35 manufacturers. This year for the first time the Executive Agency for Promotion of SMEs financed the participation of nearly 20 companies in the exhibition.


The list of foreign companies includes popular destinations for medical and dental products, such as Germany, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Israel, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Poland, but it also names as China, Taiwan and Pakistan.


All participating companies will showcase products by 800 brands from Bulgaria and 40 other countries.


150 developments from 28 countries


Besides the high number of companies, the exhibition can also be proud of the growth in the sector of new products. There will be demonstrated over 150 new developments from 28 countries, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Israel, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan and others.


At Bulmedica there can be found some of the latest generation of devices, high-end equipment, innovative technology and software solutions and more.


Buldental will present new developments in various fields of dentistry - laser equipment, systems and devices for accurate diagnostics, a new class of materials for dental practice, equipment and tools for furnishing of modern dental offices, and more.


Training and seminars


Within the three days of Bulmedica / Buldental from 17 to May 19 (Tuesday to Thursday) there will be conducted nearly 20 events: seminars, presentations and demonstrations.


Among them is the training by one of the best pediatric gastroenterologists worldwide- Dr. Arthur Krigsman, who will talk about methods for influencing autism, on May 17.


On May 17 and 18 there will be held the 1st Dental Tribune Conference @ Buldental, which will present innovative concepts in different areas of dentistry.


During the same days there will be held a seminar on the new proffessions for using food supplements and assistive technologies for people with disabilities under the European project H-Care.


On 18 and 19 May the Student Research Association will hold a two-day satellite symposium on science and innovation opportunities in Bulgaria in the field of which the students work.


The program and additional information about the 50th edition of Bulmedica /Buldental can be found on www.bulmedica.bg







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