- The strategic movement of Silfradent Italy to South East Asia market and the evolution of CGF System

In the center of the South East Asian, Silfradent S.r.L. has opened a new Office. It is located at CC 4-4 Greenview, Phu My Hung, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, one of beautiful area of the city. This strategy position permits the connection with all the Asean countries.
Silfradent wants to offer always more support and better service with mix of the scientific program, the training course, the accurate assistance and development of research to the targeted customers in Southeast Asia.
In November, Silfradent issued a new website http://www.silfradentasia.com. This new website is designed with graphical structure, navigation and the organization of scientific content. A professional and dynamic portal, enriched with new products that are described in the video, pictures, and scientific articles, which can offer an important technical support and upgrade information to all users and potential customers.



Our goal is to spread more and more our research-based and accurate science and our innovation. This allows differentiation than the others. We have believed deeply in our ambitious projects. We have devoted years to research and today the continuous evolution of our products is demonstrating that we are leading.
Silfradent is today is the world leader in the most advance techniques of Growth Factors thanks to scientific and clinical research. This has demonstrated uniqueness and effectiveness of new CGF system using Concentrated Growth Factors & Stem Cells.
The Medifuge offers to the doctor, and as a result of this, to the patient, a unique, incomparable, easy to handle and scientifically tested system. It reduces the pain and the intra & post-operative complication and resolves problems in daily clinical work.
Infodent interviewed Dr.ssa Sofia Bonardi, South East Asia Marketing & Relationship Manager for request more information about this important decision to open the organization in Vietnam.
Silfradent has presented in this market for twenty years, with many local distributors. Our necessity is born of taking care of the Southeast Asia market as we have done in all over the world. With the strategic movement to Vietnam, our ambition is to set up strong collaborations with our key corporations (such as Suppliers, Distributors, Opinion Leaders, Hospitals) around Asean countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippines for penetrating development of the capillary of our brand name as well as our innovation. From this collaboration, we would like, not only to spread more our research-proven science, but also demonstrate our capacity to apply the innovation to our Silfradent products to satisfy the demand of customers in Asean market.
With the set-up in Vietnam, Silfradent started an intense cooperation with Prof. Ciro Gargiulo, an expert researcher in Stem Cell projects with extensive experience through many years and as a Member of International Stem Cells Society. He works in the Regenerative Medicine in some Vietnamese Hospitals and with his two International clinics in Ho Chi Minh City. Prof. Ciro joined the Silfradent research program to contribute to the evolution of modern medicine demonstrated that we propose the Innovation Technology unique and different from other.

Our objectives are to combine advanced technology with high level of academic research to promote the progress of innovation in medical treatment, especially the applications in tissue generation. In this New Year, we have a good program of training course to allow doctors to better understand our technology and get their best performance surgeries and medicals. All of this is to offer a great benefit and well being to our patients.
We encourage customers who have interest in us to collaborate together to offer better solutions with scientific-proved research to our patients. Kindly visit our website to understand more about our technology and applied science in our products. If you have any concerns, you can contact me via email sofia.bonardi@gmail.com or mobile (+84) 1223822117.
Dr. Tiziano Batani and I would like to thank all of our clinical and scientific referees for giving us their support and constant cooperation, but also to all our customers for believing in our high Technology and us.





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