- BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL 2013 - The major healthcare forum for Bulgarian medical community

From 15 to 17 May, 2013, Inter Expo Center ?" Sofia  will host the 47th edition of BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL International Specialized Exhibition.

It is rare to find an event with nearly half a century of rich history.
BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL  is such a forum.
The exhibition itself is a perfect herald of progress in medicine. It is considered to be a model of up-to-date medicine and innovations in the most human sphere of social development.

"In the course of all these years we devoted ourselves to the mission to support thousands of physicians, dentists, pharmacists, lab technicians, hospital managers, which is ultimately meant to help people and human healthcare. Having our constant partners, such as the Bulgarian Medical Association and the Bulgarian Dental Association, along with other patient organizations and foreign partners, we are keen to develop BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL’s innovative spirit further on. Over the years the exhibition has established itself as a carrier of high-tech products developed in Bulgaria, which are still unknown in Eastern Europe practical medicine. Our mission is to help Bulgarian medical personnel develop their career in Bulgaria and make the patients  believe they will get the best care in their country, so this motivates us to extend this year’s exhibition range and prepare a rich and useful program for BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL", says Ivaylo Ivanov, CEO of Bulgarreklama Agency.

Currently, the intensive preparation of the exhibition goes in the spirit of higher standard of services provided by health  professionals, of comfort and safe medical patient care.

Specialists from hospitals and healthcare facilities for outpatient care, diagnostic consultative centers, medical clinics and other health institutions increasingly rely on the products exhibited by BULMEDICA. They look forward to the new generations of equipment for therapeutic work, innovative systems and devices for high precision in diagnosis, modern laboratory equipment and supplies for individual medical practices, emergency care, preventive care, orthopedics and rehabilitation, auxiliary devices with different clinical applications, etc.

The event will provide valuable innovations for healthcare professionals in the field of diagnostic care, new developments in surgery, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly technology for processing medical waste, and many other solutions for better healthcare.

BULDENTAL with its sub-sections for dental and denture medicine is a long-awaited forum for innovation in dentistry. As a rule of tradition, it presents the latest equipment, devices and instruments for dental and medical care , for dental laboratories, dental and denture materials and supplies, ergonomic solutions for equipment of x-ray and dental offices, software, protective clothing and protective equipment, etc.

Dentists may learn about the latest novelties in the rapidly developing sector of dental implantology, in orthodontics, oral and craniofacial surgery, innovations in dental prosthetic medicine. They managed to quickly introduce new technology in their practice, however their unconventional treatments and scientific development were introduced at accelerated rate.

In response to the growing appeal on behalf of dentists for systematic care and prevention, the exhibition pays special attention to specialized products for oral hygiene for different age groups with therapeutic and aesthetic purposes.

The organizers will recruit the potential of traditional and new participants and partners at the 47th edition of BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL 2013. Besides traditional participants from Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Greece, this year the exhibition will welcome new companies from Russia, Poland, UK, South Korea, China, Germany, Hungary, France, Romania, Italy. For the fifth consecutive year companies from South Korea will have their national representation and will demonstrate their products at designated areas in the medical or dental section of the exhibition.

In cooperation with the Agency for promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian enterprises (ICE) there will be organized a consecutive collective representation of companies from the medical and dental sector of Italy. We expect to have a collective participation of well-known exhibitors from other countries.

BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL is a well-established forum for contacts and business initiatives on behalf of professional organizations, and a wide range of specialists and experts in health care. This year the exhibition will again provide an extensive side-events program, populated with discussions on topics of public health care experience, company presentations and demonstrations of advanced techniques, products and services for treatment of patients, seminars on current topics of interest for the medical community.

Between 17 - 18 May, 2013, the European Society of Dental Ergonomics will hold its 25th anniversary meeting entitled “COPING THE CHALLENGE OF FUTURE DENTISTRY - Dental Ergonomics will help you ".
The event is hosted by Bulgarian Research Group of Dental Ergonomics.
U.S. and European speakers will present key concepts for planning and implementation of tools, equipment, high technology. There will be presentations of architectural solutions in line with ergonomic principles, for continuous and efficient practicing of dental profession in a highly competitive environment.

BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL official journal - the world famous business-guide today, promoted by Dental Tribune Bulgaria and Bulgarreklama Agency, will once again facilitate potential visitors, and will introduce physicians, dentists, importers, dealers and distributors in health care sector to the novelties and the most important events scheduled in the program of the exhibition.

For more information visit: www.bulmedica.bg




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