- Dental Showcase 2012 Stand Awards Winners

This year’s BDTA Dental Showcase brought together over 330 impressive stands, both big and small, from a wide range of exhibitors. To recognise the time and effort devoted to creating these stands the British Dental Trade Association (BDTA) welcomed Paula Ripoll from the Association of Event Organisers (AEO) to the show to judge the 2012 Showcase Stand Awards.

The stands were assessed on a number of features, including presentation, professionalism, stand layout and appearance, staffing, and the range of products/information on display.

There were three award-winning stands in total ?" a small stand/shell scheme, a medium stand and a large stand, and each will receive a full-page advert in their choice of dental magazine.

The winners are as follows:

Shell Scheme Category: Dentalshop (S21)
Judge Paula Ripoll commented,
“Dentalshop had a busy stand, there was a good constant flow of visitors making enquiries and placing orders, a good selection of products on display, easy to access information and very professional staff who were always busy but very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. A well-deserved winner.”

Medium-stand Category: J&S Davis (L13)

Judge Paula Ripoll commented,
“J&S Davis had a beautiful and very welcoming stand, featuring a nice display of products, literature and information as well as a very well equipped demo area. Their staff were very helpful and professional when answering visitors enquiries.”

Large-stand Category: Colgate ?" Palmolive (UK) Ltd (Q03)
Judge Paula Ripoll commented,
“The Colgate experience started well before the exhibition hall; Colgate placed signs on the floor at ExCeL, directing visitors to the hall. These signs showcased their new product, an electric toothbrush, which they were launching, promoting and selling for half the retail price at the show. Their stand was beautiful, very inviting, displaying their corporate colours and brand. It had different zones: an area in which they delivered 30 minute CPD presentations, an area displaying a big model of their new toothbrush, rotating, a big screen showcasing and demonstrating the features of the toothbrush and an area for visitors to speak to Colgate staff, make enquiries and place orders. The Colgate staff were very friendly, polite, knowledgeable and always helpful. All in all, a perfect example to follow.”

Observing the high standard of exhibitor stands at Showcase, Judge Paula Ripoll stated, “I was very impressed by the high quality and professionalism demonstrated by exhibitors at the recent BDTA Dental Showcase at ExCeL. My role as a judge was incredibly tough but as with any competition, there can only be one winner per category.”

“Having just said that, I would like to grant a special commendation to Dental Sky Wholesaler Ltd for their very original and welcoming Diner-style stand, which caught everyone’s eye and attention. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the BDTA for inviting me for the second year running to judge their Showcase Stand Awards and for making me feel so welcome. Congratulations on producing a great show!”

Tony Reed, Executive Director at the BDTA, said, “The quality of exhibitor stands this year was once again extremely high, as were the staff, who showed commitment and professionalism. I would like to thank Paula and the AEO for their expertise, and offer my congratulations to the winning stands. Well done to all!”


For the latest news and information regarding BDTA Dental Showcase please visit www.dentalshowcase.com.




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