- Get ready for a sustainable EuroPerio10 congress in Copenhagen

Brussels, 8 June 2022 - EuroPerio10 is set to be the most sustainable EuroPerio ever.

The world’s leading congress in periodontology and implant dentistry will be held 15 to 18 June in Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the most sustainable cities on the planet.

The green initiatives are part of the European Federation of Periodontology’s (EFP’s) priorities for sustainability as an organisation and for the dental professional more widely.

EP10 sustainability actions include:
• 50% less printed materials compared to EuroPerio9.
• All printed materials made from recycled paper.
• Congress lanyards made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
• Cardboard used for many congress signs.
• Single use carpet placed only in essential areas.
• Coffee breaks featuring seasonal treats sourced as close to the venue as possible.
• Free public transport tickets for delegates.
• Speakers flying to the congress will carbon offset their flights.

The traditional EuroPerio programme was more than 300 pages and 10,000 copies were printed, but now all essential information is in the congress app. EuroPerio9 used nearly 10,000 m² of disposable carpet, and this will be reduced by at least 50% at EuroPerio10.

EuroPerio10’s keynote speaker is the former chair of the Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy, Katherine Richardson, who is currently a professor in biological oceanography and leader of the Sustainability Science Centre at the University of Copenhagen.

Professor Phoebus Madianos, EuroPerio10 chair, said: “Join us for the top science in periodontology while minimising waste, using planet friendly materials, and keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible. EuroPerio10 will showcase how to hold a world class face-to-face meeting that emphasises the health of people and our environment.”

The moves are in line with the EFP’s Sustainability Manifesto which highlights that small changes can have a large benefit. In addition to hosting sustainable events, the EFP’s environmental measures include having a green office (e.g. recycling paper, printing less, switching off machines and lights when not in use), using online meeting platforms to avoid unnecessary business trips, choosing transportation with the least damage for the environment, and encouraging dental professionals and commercial partners to adopt the manifesto.

Professor Nicola West, EuroPerio10 treasurer and EFP secretary general, said: “Sustainability is at the heart of the EFP’s strategic plan for 2021 to 2025, and key decisions will consider the environmental, social, and human impact. We are making sustainability a part of our culture and integrating green values in everything we do. Our actions now will determine the future of our planet and the EFP has just launched a newsletter in which our partners share what is being done across the dental sector. Join us and spread the message using #EFPlanet.”

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About EFP, global benchmark in periodontology
The European Federation of Periodontology (EFP, ww.efp.org) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting awareness of periodontal science and the importance of gum health. Its guiding vision is “periodontal health for a better life.”

Founded in 1991, the EFP is a federation of 37 national periodontal member societies that represents more than 16,000 periodontists, dentists, researchers, and oral-health professionals from Europe and around the world. It supports evidence-based science in periodontal and oral health, and it promotes events and campaigns aimed at both professionals and the public.

The EFP organises EuroPerio, the world’s leading congress in periodontology and implant dentistry, as well as other important professional and expert events such as

Perio Master Clinic and Perio Workshop. The annual Gum Health Day on May 12, organised by the EFP and its member societies, brings key messages on gum health to millions of people across the world.

The EFP also organises workshops and outreach campaigns with its partners: projects to date have covered the relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and caries, as well as women’s oral health during pregnancy.

The EFP’s Journal of Clinical Periodontology is the most authoritative scientific publication in this field. The federation also publishes JCP Digest, a monthly digest of research, and the Perio Insight magazine, which features experts' views and debates.

The EFP’s work in education is also highly significant, notably its accreditation programme for postgraduate education in periodontology and implant dentistry.

The EFP has no professional or commercial agenda.





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