Scanningspray Vertriebs GmbH - 3 Advantages of Scantist 3D: Homogeneous Spray Coating, Complete Sublimation, No Pigments

SCANTIST 3D extraoral dental spray forms a matt layer on shiny and transparent objects. It can be applied uniformly, is free from hazardous pigments, and evaporates by itself. 

Homogeneous spray coating: 
The fine and uniform spray pattern of SCANTIST 3D enables laboratory scanners to capture the surface data flawlessly and reproducibly. Uneven material applications and marks on dental objects are a thing of the past. SCANTIST 3D enables precise measurement data and excellent repeatability. 

Coating of the complete denture with Scantist 3D

Complete sublimation: 
SCANTIST 3D is a sublimating dental spray. It remains on the object for approximately 20 minutes after application; then it starts to evaporate. Subsequent cleaning of the objects being measured and the scanning environment is completely eliminated. 

Scan of the complete denture

No pigments: 
Conventional dental sprays contain finely ground pigments such as titanium dioxide, which is harmful to health. During application, the fine pigments spread throughout the entire laboratory, so they coat far more than just the component being scanned. In contrast, the sublimating SCANTIST 3D is pigment-free. So contamination of the surroundings with pigments is now a thing of the past.

Scan results of a complete denture with Scantist 3D

SCANTIST 3D is used for transparent and reflective parts, and for objects with deep recesses such as telescopic dentures, brackets, or occlusal splints.

The sublimation process


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