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Seyssinet-Pariset, France – 12th January 2022 - For more than forty years, Ugin Dentaire has produced famous ceramic furnaces in France. Its journey started in the 70’s with the “Leader”, the first ceramic furnace, and the unforgettable “Compact”, the first electronical furnace in the 80’s, and continued on until the e.ON neo, presented at the 2019 IDS exhibition in Germany.

artis neo

Today, the experience and knowledge collected throughout the years allow Ugin Dentaire to present a range of new generation ceramic furnaces: the e.ON neo 200 and e.ON neo 250, and an evolution of Ellipse, the new Artis neo, which combine in a new design the reliability of conventional electronics and the upgraded performance of new technology.

e.ON 200 neo & e.ON 250 neo

eON 200/250 neo:
• Temperature accuracy thanks to UTS muffle (Ugin Thermical System).
• UTS technology based on a combination of a Khantal®/quartz resistance and a special alumina fiber
• refractory chamber, which allows a very low thermical inertia to increase firing and optical ceramic results (no temperature losses, all energy used to firing ceramic not to heat the muffle) and temperature accuracy increased. 
• Easy handling, 7” full colour touch screen, powered by Android, USB flash disc to share or upload programs or photos and videos.
• 200 free programs for ceramic.
• 200 free programs for special ceramic (two different heat rate, two temperatures steps) for new disilicia and zirconia material cristalization.

eON 250 neo same characteristics plus 50 free press programs:
• Electropneumatical press system with specifical air press regulation through electronic.
• Press level tuned directly on touch screen.
• 3 press types for all pressable ceramics (fixed, temporized, clocked).
• Single, double, triple press rings for one, two or three plungers in same press time.

The e.ON neo series include the latest technology developments with high reliability, to improve the daily production of ceramic and press ceramic in dental labs.

screens of e.ON 200/250 neo

For over 40 years, Ugin Dentaire has been developing, manufacturing and distributing products and materials for dental professionals. We have a complete equipment catalogue (ceramic, sintering and burnout furnaces, casting machines) and a wide range of consumables. We intend to give you easier solutions to make your daily work reliable. For any information, please contact us.



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