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High quality doesn’t have to be expensive. This is the fundamental ethos of the founder and president of OLIDENT, Dr. Raimund Kuspiel. It is not easy to implement. It requires a solid stubbornness, immense patience and a lot of time spent on testing. However, the result is worth it, as OLIDENT products enjoy a remarkable reputation among dentists. 

Another important factor for verifying the quality of a product is finding an exceptional dentist to test them. In 2019, Dr. Karol Babinski joined forces with us. An extremely skilled specialist, but also an inspiring adopter of new solutions and procedures. 

The fruit of this collaboration is our new composite and a new idea of filling cavities.

Facilitating the dentist’s work by simplifying procedures is one of our priorities when creating modern dental materials. However, there are no compromises here. The time saved is a bonus to excellent aesthetics and unquestionable mechanical properties. These requirements are perfectly met by a new composite with a completely different concept of work - ONEshade. 

ONEshade is intended mainly for class I and II cavitities, although it is also great for small cavitities of class III and V. The ONEshade composite comes in one universal shade and provides perfect colour matching to the surrounding natural tooth titissues thanks to its unique chameleon effffect. This is its key value; the ONEshade fifilling "takes over" the colour of the surrounding titissues, and the contact edge becomes invisible.

One universal shade for most natural tooth colors. True, unique chameleon effect. Today, doctors from all over the world use this concept, saving what is most valuable - their time.

Clinical pictures by courtesy of Dr. Karol Babinski. Composite materials used: OliBULK Fill MD and ONEshade. Poland, 2019. 

EXPERT OPINION: "The use of the combination of OliBULK Fill MD and ONEshade composite allowed for a strict control of the bottom of the fissures and the course of individual morphological elements of the reconstruction." Dr. Karol Babinski




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