Olident Sp. z o.o., Sp. k. - There was no Nomination, but Dental Oscar Well Deserved.

It took a long time before the idea of creating unique tutorial videos turned into action. The concept itself has also undergone its metamorphosis. As a result 19 valuable films have been created, which are already translated into other languages.

Preparatory work began at the beginning of 2017. At the turn of July and August, the filming set was ready, the film crew was waiting, but the main character was still missing. The bar was set high - the dentist, manually outstanding, committed, but above all patient and understanding. Dr. Yaroslav Melnik. On a daily basis, he runs his private clinic, M. Dental Lounge in Ukraine, but also travels a lot, learns and teaches others. The Olident films needed such energy.

On the other side of the camera stood Mr. Robert Kruczek from Dentowizja - a top-class specialist and a real enthusiast of his work. Thanks to him, nothing was impossible, he always had a plan B.

The persistent patient was a phantom, but his teeth are the most visible. They came from the hand of Mr. Bartosz Troczyński from Natrodent.

The entire Olident FILM project was supervised by two people: Ms. Katarzyna Toczko on the side of OLIDENT and Mr. Maciej Kruk on the side of Dentowizja. Many hours of common conversations, hundreds of e-mails, dilemmas and joys contributed to great satisfaction when 19 films had their premiere. Translated into many languages, they help doctors learn about the products, use them best at work and avoid possible mistakes. It is a huge dose of knowledge and practice closed in a few minutes of the film, available at your fingertips, here and now.

Almost 2 years of work ...

Over 6 months of preparations and photos ...

Nearly 20 hours of raw footage ...



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Katarzyna Toczko
Product & Marketing Manager


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