- Ruthinium IS BACK IN THE USA!




Exhibiting at GREATER NEW YORK Dental Meeting this December.

RUTHINIUM® is an all Italian brand. We were in the Usa 10 years go and we knew already back then our products were perfect for US professionals. Today we are back after a huge expansion in Italy and Europe.
We changed the rules, innovating with our premium teeth ACRYSMART, we claimed the coveted positioning of premium Italian producers and we invested in the future: education, trainings and new product developments from carbon fiber to 2D and 3D digital apps.
We are facing the US Market with a solid footing now, determined to bring our first class acrylic teeth overseas.
Join us at GREATER NEW YORK Dental Meeting, from December 1st to December 4th 2019, booth 3630, to discover our teeth lines:

Our premium and PATENTED teeth line: 4 layers of incredible beauty, designed and produced in Italy. Shapes designed to provide full individualization of the functional dynamics. AcrySMART allows an easier- than-ever setup.

AcryPLUS is a 4 layers classic with excellent resistance and hardness. Color and translucency were studied for a natural appearance.

AcryForm was thought and developed specifically for USA: we studied whiter shades and leaner shapes, offering our overseas customers acrylic teeth close to satisfy USA’s beauty standards.

Respectively with 3 and 2 layers, these teeth come with a large assortment of moulds and shades which makes them adaptable to any prosthesic requirement.



We believe in a high-standards approach to dentures, in the just balance between price and quality and most of all the importance of sharing the path with our customers.
If you share the same beliefs, join us!
We are looking forward to supply only the finest quality dental products for your enterprise, and grow together your business with the aid of our dedicated customer care.
Welcome to Ruthinium!

About Ruthinium®
RUTHINIUM® was founded in 1965 in Turin. Our core business: design, molding and manufacturing of acrylic resin teeth.
Today we are still leaded by President Giovanni Piazza and with a strong innovation drive in Barbara Piazza, the next generation. We are exporting in over 80 countries EU and extra EU, focusing on continuous innovation, product quality and teeth design. We export, with every order, Made in Italy quality and beauty. We take care of your smile.



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