Eped Inc. - RETINA and IRIS: navigating the way to trustworthy healthcare

EPED Inc. is a leading company in the field of minimally invasive surgery. Upholding the values of “safety, precision, efficiency and minimally invasive”, we strive constantly to develop innovative medical and dental navigation solutions. From education, training systems to clinical solutions, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality and safety of medical treatment on all levels.

The business philosophy of EPED Inc. is rooted in professional medical and dental education. With extensive teaching and clinical experiences, we firmly believe that excellent medical practice is achieved by starting from high-quality professional education. Based on this belief, EPED Inc. has grown steadily and has been certified with ISO13485, medical device GMP quality management certification and CE certificate.

At EPED Inc., we bring together a professional and enthusiastic team to develop medical image software, medical and dental educational software with Optical Space Location Technology as the core. We present the most adaptive and customizable navigation solutions with world-class accuracy. Together with surgeons and professionals, we strive to maximize the values of smart healthcare and to lead the future of minimally invasive surgery industry.

Core technology

1. Optical Space Location Technology
2. Medical Imaging Software
3. Educational Knowledge
4. Individualization

Oral and maxillofacial surgery will never be the same.
The RETINA System has convinced doctors from several countries to adopt optical tracking to perform safer minimally invasive surgeries. The RETINA System allows the appreciation of surgical targets and their environment while adapting to every other instrument already available in the Operation Room to perform complex procedures such as Orthognathic Surgery, LeFort Osteotomy (I, II, and III), and Tumor Biopsy.

The navigation system is also the core technology of the IRIS 2.0, a unique mapping method that, when combined with AR glasses, transport doctors and patients to the future of dental Implantology. By supporting an impressive range of implant procedures including the always complex Zygomatic implant surgery, and many other applications such as Open Orifice, Apicoectomy for Endodontic and more, IRIS has become the favorite navigation system applied to dentistry nowadays.

RETINA and IRIS: navigating the way to trustworthy healthcare.





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