- Microcopy Launches with Henry Schein in European markets

Henry Schein introduces America’s #1 Single Patient Use diamond to new European markets.

As the trend of Increasing Health and Patient Care moves from the USA into Europe and Asia, Microcopy has joined forces with Henry Schein, the largest dental distributor worldwide, to capitalize on this trend and provide quality and safe products the market is asking for.

In order to respond to the ever increasing demand for high quality, sterilized dental rotary instruments worldwide, Henry Schein has been working closely with Microcopy, introducing Microcopy’s flagship product NeoDiamond, America’s #1 Single-Patient-Use diamond bur, and the Neoburr Carbide line to several international markets. Individually packaged and pre-sterilized, NeoDiamond dental burs are ready to use and offer dentists several benefits: time savings, cutting accuracy, handpiece wear prevention and, most important, provide patient safety by preventing cross-contamination.

Through training, education and by proactively presenting the position of sterilized burs, the mindset about rotary dental instruments is evolving worldwide. “Microcopy’s goal is to expand a global presence by sharing a message of Single-Patient-Use: a safer, more efficient way for dentists to practice” said Daniel Leon, Microcopy’s VP of International Sales and Marketing, “Henry Schein has a long history of distinction in the dental industry which supports our growing global footprint. In 2019 and beyond Microcopy is excited for a strong future with Henry Schein making a difference in the life of dentists and patients by bringing products that makes dentistry easier and safer."


About Microcopy
After NeoDiamond conquered the American dentists’ heart, Microcopy successfully entered multiple countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. With Henry Schein’s recent launch in Western Europe, the Single-Patient-Use NeoDiamond is now spreading throughout Europe. Tino Joris, Commercial Director of Brand Equity for Henry Schein, said “NeoDiamond burs are high-quality and Single-Patient-Use, allowing dentists to fulfill a social responsibility to provide the safest patient care possible. NeoDiamond burs deliver treatments that are safe from the potential for cross contamination. Simply put, NeoDiamond makes sense for safe dental care.”



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