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The autologous concentrated growth factors (CGF) and CD 34 + cells are parts of patient's own blood. So this is the ideal autologous source without the addition of exogenous substances. CGF represents a new generation of platelet that able to hold inside a higher concentration of autologous.

Growth factors are proteins which regulate the complex processes of wound healing and enhance the body's healing abilities without side-effects. The Medifuge Machine prepares up to 8 test tubes of various levels of concentrate with active proteins in liquefied or Fibrin form to create membranes, glue or other particulars for tissue regeneration and bone augmentation in a short period of 14 minutes.

CGF - A dream of every doctor:
A “fabulous” material that could cure all wounds quickly and avoid the secondary complications of surgical and medical procedures.
“Direct "effect of the growth factors Cytokines and CD 34 + cells repair, regeneration, pain relief, inflammation, minimizes swelling "Indirect" effect of growth factors, Cytokines, and CD 34+ cells. Signal transmission and thus more production growth factors and cytokines, as well as immigration into the tissue of other stem cells.

The power of the regeneration: CGF
CGF – There is no blood manipulation.
CGF – It is a protein.
CGF – Stimulates – Accelerates natural biological events.
CGF – Block of fibrin and other blood-phases, a slow and continuous polymerization.
CGF – It transforms – It is an autologous material which doesn't need reabsorption.​
CGF – Block fibrin flexible tri-molecular network – plasma cytokines stop in places/parking.
CGF – Made contact with tissue fibroblasts are created – Made contact with bone osteoblasts are created. It doesn’t cause but accelerates the healing.
Process promoted by CGF and its main characteristics:​
- It is a preparation of autologous;
- Immunologically neutral;
- Non-toxic;
- Stimulating repair processes and growth tissue;
- Stimulating cell proliferation;
- Stimulating angiogenesis and revascularization;
- Stimulating the proliferation of mesenchymal cells;
- Stimulating the production of fibroblasts;
- Accelerating wound healing;
- Bio-Stimulating collagen production.
- The thin, soft, elastic and permeable mesh allows being colonized by repair cells, red and white blood cells, platelets and antibodies.

An overview of possible applications -
For the production of CGF, only special CGF-tubes are filled with blood and centrifuged. In comparison to other user protocols, here, there follows a targeted focus of the platelets and the CD34 + stem cells. The high-quality borosilicate tubes from Silfradent show an unusually high yield of growth factors.
No other therapy is so versatile and can be used in so many ways.

CGF is applying in sectors such as dentistry/implantology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, gynecology, ENT, sports medicine, dermatology and many other fields: Biological Orthopedic treatments for bone, cartilage, sclerotic or inflamed tendons and muscles; Implantology, Oral Surgery, Peri-implantitis & Osteonecrosis Treatment, Bone Regeneration GBR, Tissue Regeneration GTR, Socket Preservation, Sinus Floor Elevation, IPG DET, Bone Grafting, Aesthetic of Peri-oral area, Biological Guided Periodontitis, Trigeminus neuralgia TMJ regenerative therapy. CGF medical applications: Cystitis, vaginitis, injuries of the uterus, candidiasis, staphylococcus wounds, vascular ulcers, diabetic ulcers, decubitus ulcers, head and neck tendon regeneration, arthroses of the joints, pain in fibromyalgia, scars and deep wrinkles, skin regeneration, telangiectasia.
Similarly, it has become essential in professional sports. CGF contributes to the bone formation and stimulates injured tissue to regenerate.
Meanwhile, autologous PRP is now available in powder form.
Orthopedics CGF for Epicondylitis lateralis
PRP, which works so fantastically in the medical arena, is becoming increasingly popular in medical aesthetics due to its unique mechanism of action. Since healthy skin does not show any inflammation or injury, a different protocol and application are required.​

MEDIFUGE & CGF KIT Patent pending - Blood Phase Separator  
CGF KITThe patent kit is equipped with the necessary for blood collection, specific dappens to prevent any contamination risks and the required instrument to produce the fibrin membrane and insertion of the clot in the site.

4 different Vacutainers® tubes:
Glass Red cap tube:​ "Z No Additives" CGF solid form

White cap tube: "Z No Additives"​ Concentrated growth factors​ – liquid phase: LPCGF: Normally this solution will be liquid for about 20' in room temperature (20° C), then that period

Green cap tube: Sodium Heparin​ Additives​ (anticoagulant) Concentrated growth factors​ – liquid phase: LPCGF​

​​LP C.G.F. Autologous growth factors
LP C.G.F. liquid filler primary gels is indicated for patients who want to correct cutaneous depressions such as skin creases, lines, wrinkles, folds and concave scars, restore facial volume, augment lips and intensely hydrate skin.
LP C.G.F. acts mechanically, by tissue regeneration-augmentation and swelling, and biologically, by stimulating the production of new collagen and glycosaminoglycan. This dual effect makes it possible to create a volume that immediately and durably augments the soft tissue.
- Injection of Concentrated Growth Factors: the aged skin has less collagen, low elasticity, a reduced amount of hyaluronic acid, and low ability to retain moisture.
- Release of Growth Factors from Platelet Component (CGF): Cell growth is activated, and collagen is produced.
- Regeneration and Rejuvenation of Skin Tissue: Collagen is created, and skin elasticity is improved. The ability to retain moisture is restored.

- LP C.G.F. autologous filler without the addition of exogenous substances (no chemical & animal vegetable).
- Biocompatibility, because it is a component of the patient. LP C.G.F. is entirely autologous, naturally biocompatible, bioresorbable and non-allergenic
- Simple, quick, with no downtime: The procedure takes only a few minutes and daily routine can be resumed immediately after the injection.
- Natural autologous system: The technical features of LP C.G.F. are to be a natural autologous system without any toxic agents.
- No cases of adverse effect happened: Clinical and applied data indicate that LP C.G.F. doesn't record any adverse effects in comparison with other competitors: it is the only system on the market.
- Rigorous safety controlled blood phase separator process: The system is manufactured in Italy under the highest quality standards with top qualified research engineers and latest technology.
- Multi-action treatment: LP C.G.F. provides healing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effects it stimulates collagen, and proteoglycan synthesis, and plays a significant role in the protective function of the skin.
- Resistance to degradation: Thanks to its technical feature, LP C.G.F. provides enhanced viscoelastic properties and better resistance to enzymatic oxidative and thermal degradations.
- Very high concentrated growth factors: Thanks to its natural process LP C.G.F. delivers the highest platelet concentration on the market.
- Optimal physiological, molecular weight: The working process: the blood drawing is done through an aseptic-safety system, and no artificial or natural substances are additional. The immediate centrifugation assures an aseptic working process. LP C.G.F. has an optimal average size regarding beneficial effects on the extracellular matrix.
- Complete range of products: The different presentations of applications make it possible to meet various patient needs.​






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