- Wild Pharma - Long-standing Basel-based family company is celebrating a generation change in operational management with the launch of a new corporate identity

• Since mid-2017, Marcel Wild and Christoph L. Wild, who belong to the third generation of owners, have been managing Dr. Wild & Co. AG, a Swiss family-owned company with its own production facility. Founded in 1932 and rooted in the Basel region, it is an independent, family-owned company operating in the pharmaceutical industry and in the field of oral care in particular.
• The launch of the newly designed website of the family-owned company (www.wild-pharma.com) marks a milestone and the official kick-off for the implementation of the overall update to the corporate identity initiated by Marcel Wild and Christoph L. Wild, based on which the company will present itself in a clear and contemporary image in the future.
• The owners’ name, Wild, will be consistently positioned throughout the revamped corporate identity. It will be particularly highlighted on the packaging of the products, underscoring the Wild family’s commitment to quality of their products since the company’s establishment.

Basel/Muttenz, 17 May 2019 – Dr. Wild & Co. AG, a family-owned company operating in the pharmaceutical industry and in the field of oral care in particular, launched its new website today (www.wild-pharma.com). The new website is a core element of the new corporate identity that the family-owned company developed under the leadership of Christoph L. Wild, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Deputy CEO, in collaboration with a strong team from Wirz Brand Relations (under the leadership of Thomas Städeli and Michaela Burger). At the heart of the new image is Wild, the name of the owners, because since the founding of the company in 1932, the Wild family has always been personally committed to the company, putting their heart and soul into it and thus committing to the well-being of patients and consumers alike.

The new corporate identity consequently positions Dr. Wild & Co. AG as a family business, which has dedicated itself and its products to people’s day-to-day well-being and health. The changes include not only the website, but also the entire external presentation of the company, especially the product packaging.

‘Our fathers have done an outstanding job in developing our key brands and products, such as Contra-Schmerz® and Vi-De 3® in our pharmaceuticals range, as well as Tebodont®, Emofluor® and Emoform® in our Oral Care range. However, very few customers and patients are aware of the depth of our exceptional healthcare product portfolio. Likewise, our stakeholders are usually unaware that Dr. Wild & Co. AG still produces a large number of its products itself in Switzerland,’ notes Christoph L. Wild. ‘Today’s customer is increasingly sceptical of large manager-led corporations and is becoming more and more interested in the clean and responsible manufacturing of products. That’s why the fact that Dr. Wild & Co. AG is a family business in which those in charge account with their own name for the products that they manufacture and/or distribute is valuable trust capital, which we want to leverage with our revamped corporate identity going forward.’

‘The new website embodies everything which our family business stands for under the joint leadership of myself and Christoph L. Wild: clear, concise, modern, inseparably connected with the family and the region, with tried-and-trusted and newly developed products,’ says Marcel Wild, CEO. ‘The new, coherent and contemporary packaging design, which we will present separately, is the ideal complement to the new image.’

The newly designed packaging will be rolled out in stages. The present expectation is that all core products from the Oral Care range (toothpastes, mouthwashes, mouth rinses, gels and other products) will be launched on the Swiss market in the new packaging design by the end of the year. Since changes to the packaging of pharmaceuticals are subject to approval, this transition cannot be scheduled in full yet, but the changes to the packaging of the pharmaceuticals are currently expected to occur in 2020.

About Dr. Wild & Co. AG
Ever since it was established in 1932, Dr. Wild & Co. AG has dedicated itself to the healthcare and well-being of people in their everyday lives with its portfolio of pharmaceuticals, oral care products, cosmetics, medical devices and food supplements. It is an independent, family-run company with roots in the Basel region of Switzerland. It is committed to its local production and makes a multitude of its products at its own factory in Muttenz, Switzerland. It markets and sells its products in Switzerland through various distribution channels – OTC, clinical/hospital care, dental care – and works with a highly qualified and experienced sales force. It also commercialises many of its products together with long-standing partners and distributors in more than 40 countries. Its geographical focus is on Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In Switzerland, its products have always been available exclusively in the specialist trade.

As its name reveals, Dr. Wild & Co. AG is run by the Wild family, which is rooted in the region of Basel and has fully devoted itself to the company ever since its establishment. This personal commitment and entrepreneurial responsibility is evident from the fact that the company continues to be 100% family-owned. In addition, it has been managed by family members both on a strategic and operational level since the beginning. In 2017, Marcel Wild and Christoph L. Wild, third generation family members, took the helm. They are dynamically steering the family-run company towards the future with new strategies and a great deal of passion and enthusiasm.

Dr. Wild & Co. AG has a large product portfolio with many highlights.

Oral Care. Dr. Wild & Co. AG has a uniquely extensive portfolio of innovative toothpastes, gels, mouth rinses and mouthwashes. Additional auxiliary products such as sprays, dental flosses and sticks complete our portfolio. The products are sold in Switzerland and 40 other countries under the brand names Tebodont®, Emoform®, Emofluor®, Depurdent® and Emofresh®. Thanks to their innovative formulas, they offer excellent dental care solutions for daily use, to address special needs and problems (e.g. sensitive teeth, gum problems) as well for general oral care.
Vitamin D. Since the year 2000, Dr. Wild & Co. AG has been a pioneer and leader on the Swiss vitamin D market. Its extensive, innovative portfolio includes both daily and monthly supplements, some of which are included in the reimbursement list of health insurers. It also offers the first vegan vitamin D supplement, i.e. Vitamin D Wild Capsules – Vegan.
Paediatric remedies. Its Vitamin D Wild Oil, the Oxyplastin® wound paste and Deaftol® (which treats inflammations of the mouth and throat among other conditions) can be used from infancy. These products make an important contribution to the health and well-being of babies and children.
Analgesics. Dr. Wild & Co. AG’s Contra-Schmerz® brand stands for affordable painkillers, which are available OTC. It was an essential driver of the initial growth of the family-run company after its establishment in 1932. The company launched the first Contra-Schmerz® product on the Swiss market in 1933, and its current formula, Contra-Schmerz® plus, still comes in the same unique, handy tube. In keeping with current trends, it also offers a Contra-Schmerz product containing ibuprofen – Contra-Schmerz® IL 400.


Dr. Wild & Co. AG Media Contact 

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