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Waco, Texas USA - Dental Creations, Ltd. prides itself on bringing unique, time saving products to the dental industry. When the company was founded, it was started on the fundamental basis of wanting to get you back home to your families quicker. Therefore, Dental Creations introduces products that will save you time and money, so you can spend less time in your lab or office!

Wonderfill is the product that started Dental Creations’ journey to save offices and labs time. It is a premixed tongue and void filler used for creating accurate models quickly and easily. Using Wonderfill is simple: After a lower impression is taken, the tongue or void area is filled with Wonderfill. After the plaster is poured and set, Wonderfill can be easily removed for a clean model. Formulated to require no setup time, Wonderfill is water-soluble and requires little cleanup.

After Wonderfill, Wonderpeg was launched! Wonderpeg Instant Firing Support is used to support crowns, jackets and veneers on a firing peg during the firing process. It works well to stabilize large bridges, as well as shallow, small or odd shaped restorations. Although Wonderpeg is compatible with most restoration material, it is designed to make it easier and more efficient to work with zirconia. Because of its outstanding stability, you can glaze your zirconia crown while it is on the peg.

Today, Dental Creations is excited to announce a new, excellent, time saving product that every dental office needs: the Shade Wand!
The Shade Wand makes Shade Matching fast and easy! Use this 5500 Kelvin LED Shade Matching Light to bring the perfect light to your patients’ mouths when picking a shade from your shade tabs! This Shade Wand outdoes every other light on the market because it is affordable enough to have one by every chair! Take back your time and avoid remakes with the Shade Wand!

Work Smarter, Not Harder. Let us help you save time and money with the Wonder Product Line.


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