- First-of-its-Kind Dual Wavelength Coupler and Motor Revolutionize Caries and Composite Visualization


Chico, California, USA, Nov. 9, 2018 — Lares Research today announced the launch of the world’s first dual wavelength LED swivel coupler, enabling dentists to shift between white and 405 nm (UV) LED light output on their air turbine to dramatically enhance the visualization of caries and restorative materials.

Using a small switch on the outside surface of the coupler, dentists can activate the UV light, transforming the mouth into a color-coded map to reveal the difference between decay, composite material and healthy tooth. The 405 nm light causes caries to fluoresce red or orange and heathy tooth to fluoresce light green. Dentists excavate only the red/orange caries, minimizing removal of healthy tooth and saving significant chair time.

Recipient of the Innovation Award by the Association Dentaire Française at its 2017 annual meeting and exhibition, Fluoresce HD also allows the dentist to clearly see the margin between healthy tooth and restorative materials (such as tooth-colored composites), making removal of these materials fast, accurate and minimally invasive, while maximizing bond strength.

“Early adopters of Fluoresce HD report feeling much more confident about what to remove and when to stop while excavating caries or old composite fillings,” said Craig J. Lares, president of Lares Research. “In studies, we’ve seen that UV fluorescence is more accurate than probing or indicator dyes at detecting remaining caries, minimizing the risk of reinfection. Additionally, dentists don’t need to buy new turbines or electric contra angles to implement Fluoresce HD, so it’s a very affordable and efficient solution.”

The patented Lares Fluoresce HD Dual Wavelength Swivel Coupler can be used with Lares ProStyle SF or Legacy 5 fiber optic air turbines, or any KaVo MULTIflex*-compatible fiber optic air turbine.
Fluoresce HD is also available for 1:5 fiber optic contra angles using the patent-pending Lares ProStyle E Dual Wavelength LED Electric Motor and Control Box.

*KaVo and MULTIflex are trademarks of KaVo Dental GmbH.


Fluoresce HD is currently available for purchase outside the U.S.

Visit www.laresdental.com/worldwide-lares-handpiece-distributors to find your distributor.
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