- Cheque Handover for the Promotion of the Youth Fire Brigade

Gerhard R. Daiger, Managing Director of Dr. Walser Dental, presented the commander of the fire brigade Singen, department Beuren a.d.A., Stephan Einsiedler, with a donation cheque in the amount of 1.000,00 EUR.

With the donation cheque, Dr. Walser Dental supported the urgently needed acquisition of a trailer specially modified for the needs of the youth fire brigade.

Since their foundation in 2003 the youth fire brigade Beuren a.d.A. has counted continuously between 20 and 30 young members. Thus, the committee and the youth leaders found themselves constrained to acquire a suitable and flexible means of transport. A closed box trailer was the wish of the youth fire brigade. In here they can now transport the baggage and the equipment for the tent camp, like e.g. cots, tables, chairs, tarpaulins and tent poles, dryly to any location.

The closed design of the trailer brings enormous benefits for preparations, since the trailer can already be packed days before the events and can be locked and left outside. The trailer of the youth fire brigade should be used for tent camps, action days, club competitions and club festivals.

The friends' association of the volunteer fire brigade sees its civil and social task as promoting and cultivating the principles of voluntary fire-fighting and youth work. The focus is, that every citizen is given the opportunity to express his interests, his cooperation and solidarity with the volunteer fire brigade Beuren a.d.A. and to assist them in the performance of their duties.

With the aid of the friends' association, topics are to be realized, which are not financially supported by the city of Singen. Like this, the fire brigade of Beuren a.d.A. wants to position itself better in the population in order to constantly address new active members and young people. Courses such as first aiders, fire-fighting training, first aiders for infants, etc. are to be offered. Training sessions on issues such as fire prevention education and appropriate firefighting measures, as well as preventative fire safety measures at home are offered, too.

With a small annual fee of 15,00 EUR anyone can become a member of the association or actively support the association in its various activities or with donations in kind.

Beside the trailer f.l.t.r. Christina Salewski, youth group leader; Hubert Roth, deputy division commander; Linus Auer, member of the youth fire brigade; Stephan Einsiedler, division commander and 1st chairman; Senator h.c. Gerhard R. Daiger, Managing Director of Dr. Walser Dental; Mike Belcke, 2nd chairman; Christian Auer, Managing Director of Jäger Transporte & Spedition

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