- The IAE Awards Council presents an award to the Capenergy C500 Tecar Specialty IntraOral team

On July 21, the Capenergy C500 Tecar Specialty IntraOral team received the International Innovation Award from The IAE Awards Council. This is an international recognition of the excellent achievements and continued dedication of the entire Capenergy team in the field of applied technology in dentistry.

Year after year The IAE Awards Council brings together the world's best dental professionals and companies and rewards those who have excelled in this field. In this latest edition, Capenergy was awarded the prize for its innovation thanks to the advances that the Capenergy C500 Tecar Specialty IntraOral tecartherapy team provides for dentists.

For Pilar Sánchez, the company's Business Manager, "this international award celebrates Capenergy's renewed commitment to becoming the Spanish benchmark in tecartherapy". And it does so by developing the most powerful equipment and technology on the market, which promises to revolutionise the application of dental tecartherapy.

The first oral and maxillofacial tecartherapy equipment

As a new and major attraction, the C500 IntraOral is the first oral and maxillofacial tecatherapy equipment that progressively allows access to four different treatment segments: post-surgical, TMJ, stimulation and regeneration in dental treatments.

The C500 IntraOral is capable of all of this in one modular and scalable unit. It can speed up patient recovery treatment, reduce pain and inflammation and improve the implant experience for specialists, by making it much simpler and faster.

Internal and external treatments

Its versatility allows the dentist to treat the different areas of the oral cavity both internally and externally, facilitating their task in bruxism treatments, dry mouth or orthodontic repositioning without complications or pain, among many other indications.

Tecartherapy in action

It has been demonstrated that the increase in endogenous temperature generated by the C500 IntraOral has many benefits for the dental and periodontal area. Its local and controlled effect on the patient's oro-buccal tissue, allows for a simple bio-stimulation achieved by means of an athermic effect or a medium vascularisation, which allows the drainage process to be activated; to a strong vascular thermal effect that activates the regeneration capacity of damaged tissue.

In the oral and maxillofacial area, the effects of Capenergy tecartherapy have multiple applications for the treatment of post-oncological oro-buccal pain, post-surgery, bruxism, TMJ dysfunction and for any regenerative or stimulatory process; conditions of the dental, articular and muscular areas.

Scientific endorsement of the C500 IntraOral team

The scientific endorsement of this technology is essential. For this reason, numerous studies have been carried out all over the world to scientifically prove the validity of tecartherapy equipment, such as all Capenergy equipment, including the C500 IntraOral, which carries the 13485 Medical Certificate, in the treatment of a wide range of pathologies.



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