- Partners' Days by Biotech Dental: Subsidiaries and distributors of the group in the spotlight!

The 21st and 22nd of June, Biotech Dental held its first "Partners' Days" in Marseille. The aim was to strengthen the ties of the group with its subsidiaries and distributors.

100 partners - representing more than 40 countries - attended this first edition to share the group's values and future strategy.

The symbolic choice of the beautiful Phocean city, in the heart of the region that saw the birth of the Biotech Dental Group, has made it possible to highlight once more the French origin of the manufacturing of our products.

The Partners' Days by Biotech Dental consist of two days of shared experiences and exceptional workshops exposing the latest technologies of the group. This is also a great opportunity for our distributors and subsidiaries to grasp the global solution around the challenges of their respective markets.

The gala evening at Le Môle restaurant - Gérald Passedat, was the scene of the Distributors and Subsidiaries Awards! A symbolic ceremony to enhance the 2017-2018 international greatest successes.

The event closed with a visit to Biotech Dental’ headquarters and Smilers 3D factories in France at Salon de Provence.

A true plebiscite for the first edition of the Partners' Days by Biotech Dental group which is already planning a second event in Lisbon, during the second edition of the International Meeting, in June 2019. These events consolidate the strengths of the group and establish its worldwide presence. As the strategic objectives are focused on expanding beyond our borders, we are always seeking for new partners to join us!

More information on: www.biotech-dental.com



About Biotech Dental

Since its creation in 1987, Biotech Dental is committed to develop a trustworthy relationship with dentists and dental technicians. Together, we design and develop ever more tailored product lines to the challenges of the future. Our position is located at the crossroads of their expectations, innovation and technology. Allow practitioners to offer the best products at the best prices for their patients: that is the first objective of Biotech Dental. With more than a million sold dental implants, we have helped to improve the lives of thousands of patients worldwide through all dentists who have trusted us. With our expertise and our know-how, we have chosen to be pioneers of this development through innovative technologies.
In recent years, we have integrated new skills, invested over 10 % of our Business research and development to be able to develop and propose solutions on the cutting edge innovation.
Today we are a key partner for practitioners of dentistry. We offer our customers a wide range of products and services around dental care, to enable them to meet the different needs of their patients. Innovation and Technology for practitioners to make affordable excellence to patients: this is Ethical currency of DENTAL BIOTECH. As many products and services serving the dental office 2.0.



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