- 1.200 dental professionals met in Rotterdam to get insights into the “Future of the Art of Implant Dentistry”

From 26 to 28 April 2018, more than 1.200 oral health professionals from 39 countries participated in the Oral Reconstruction (OR) Global Symposium (formerly International CAMLOG Congress) 2018 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, that focused on the latest aspects of implant dentistry in a diversified, widespread programme.

The OR Foundation’s purpose is the sponsoring of scientific research as well as training and education in implant dentistry and related areas. Furthermore, it supports the promotion of scientific exchange between universities, practitioners, and the industry in the field of implant dentistry. Under the motto “The Future of the Art of Implant Dentistry”, the Oral Reconstruction Global Symposium 2018 integrated the latest scientific findings and practice experience and fostered active exchange between science, practice, and industry – all for the benefit of the patients.

Prof. Dr. Irena Sailer, Symposium Co-Chairman said: “The art of implant dentistry is reflected in a variety of topics: The first is to find the right treatment concept and the most adequate materials and technology to use with it – including the mixture of new and time-proven solutions. Then we have the opportunities which reconstructive aesthetic dentistry offers. Exact teamwork is also very essential for a perfect result in implantology. And last but not least, the digitalization of dentistry can offer many opportunities to the dental professional as well as the patient.”


Scientific Programme

Altogether, 57 internationally renowned speakers, experts, and chairpersons from 12 countries came together to discuss trends in the industry and exchange best practices in the field of implant dentistry. Topics discussed included soft tissue management around dental implants, treatment, and restorative concepts as well as the opportunities the digitalization in dentistry offers. In addition, presenters questioned the use of ceramic implants as an alternative to titanium. In an interactive session based on case presentations, ten experts from eight countries discussed their solutions and findings from problems, complications, and failures.

The OR Foundation also presented primary results of research they supported, announced the winners of the Oral Reconstruction Foundation Research Award, and selected oral presentations of the Oral Reconstruction Foundation Poster Competition.

In conjunction with the Oral Reconstruction Global Symposium, OR organized a full-day education event for the dental practice team. For the first time, the entire practice was able to participate in the symposium – which, in addition to the training effect, can help to improve collaboration as well as the dental team’s spirit and performance.



The day before the OR Global Symposium, the foundation offered 13 additional workshops in German, English, Spanish, and Chinese. These workshops allowed the participants to choose from selected topics and to practice them hands-on. The topics included 3D implant planning and the CAMLOG® Guide System, the one crown one time concept, soft tissue augmentation, and corrections for the prevention and management of peri-implant diseases. It also covered the CONELOG® Implant System and the COMFOUR® Concepts considering indications and how to put them into practice and excellence with CERALOG® two-piece ceramic implants.


Podium discussion: Prof. Dr. Florian Beuer Dr. Tabea Flügge, Dr. Wiebe Derksen, Dr. Peter Gehrke, ZT Carsten Fischer (from left to right)


Digitalisation in implant dentistry

Over the past few years, dentistry has experienced a tremendous development and health care innovations with the advent of digital dental techniques and the introduction of new materials and methods to help change the way in which dentistry is performed.

Therefore, digitalisation in dentistry was a very centric topic of this year’s OR Global Symposium, deeply reflecting the symposium’s motto “the Future of the Art of Dentistry”. Participants had several opportunities to exchange and learn more about the opportunities and advantages, digitalization can bring to the practice and the patient – for example in the session “Digital Workflow in Implant Dentistry” presentation by Prof. Dr. Florian Beuer, MME, Director of the Division for Dental Prosthetic, Functional Science and Geriatric Medicine in the Center for Dental and Craniofacial Sciences of Charité – University of Medicine Berlin, Germany as well as through the pre-symposium hands-on workshop “The Digital Implant Workflow in the Day-to-Day Practice” with practical examples on the benefits of digital dentistry and an optimum digital workflow for practice and laboratory.

In addition, participants were able to visit the Henry Schein ConnectDental booth featuring the company’s platform created to help dental professionals comfortably enter or expand further into the world of digital dentistry, by looking at the individual technology and products available on the market today, but also by uncovering how these solutions can best be integrated into the practice or laboratory, and seeing how it can enhance the care they provide to patients.

Patrick Thurm, Henry Schein’s Vice President International Global Prosthetic Solutions, Technology, participated in the OR Global Symposium and explained: “At Henry Schein, our ethos is not only to provide the best possible choice of (digital) solutions but also to help our customers understand the role of digital technology within the dental workflow. Thanks to our global reach, we can spot developing trends and demonstrate how best to integrate tailor-made CAD/CAM solutions into their daily routine. We show them how digital equipment will be able to improve efficiency and productivity for their practice or laboratory and to enhance the patient experience by delivering high-quality dentistry. As trusted advisors, we support our customers on finding the optimum solutions to suit their individual needs and they can rely on us educating them to remove the fear and diminish the learning curve until they feel 100 per cent comfortable. This is what Henry Schein ConnectDental is all about.”


Founding partner CAMLOG

CAMLOG, founding partner of the OR Foundation, is a leading provider of complete dental implant systems and products for restorative dentistry. Longstanding research and development experience, high quality standards and practice-oriented services have made CAMLOG one of the first ports of call. Through the company’s network of distributors, CAMLOG products are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.

During the Global Symposium, the company held a press conference together with representatives of the OR Foundation, in which Dr. René Willi, President Global Dental Surgical Group Henry Schein, emphasized the strong partnership between CAMLOG and the OR Foundation, especially in the areas of research and education. As part of Henry Schein’s Global Dental Surgical Group, CAMLOG also closely cooperates with BioHorizons for joint research and development activities and formed joint sales teams for CAMLOG and BioHorizons solutions in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the DACH region.

“Our main focus at CAMLOG has been and will always be a close partnership with our customers and a broad selection of high-quality and excellent services. There is no question, that we will keep our heritage and values,” Dr. Willi assured.

Christian Rähle, Director Research and Development at CAMLOG, gave a brief outlook over the upcoming product innovations. In addition to the very well documented and successful SCREW-LINE implant geometry, CAMLOG is going to launch the PROGESSIVE-LINE implant design at the IDS 2019 in Cologne, Germany.

“This geometry will offer high primary stability in soft bone by following the standard surgical protocol while covering a broad range of indications and not being limited to certain treatment concepts”, Mr. Rähle outlined the characteristics of the PROGESSIVE-LINE implant design.

Markus Stammen, Director CAD/CAM and IT at CAMLOG, explained during the event, that the DEDICAM business is growing very quickly thanks to its high quality and outstanding services and it is going to be available in more European countries with Henry Schein affiliates, in future.

CAMLOG also operated a large booth during the OR Symposium to showcase its range of innovative products and solutions. Highlights were the DEDICAM® CAD/CAM portfolio and the CERALOG® ceramic implant system.


Oral Reconstruction Foundation

The main goal of the OR Foundation is to strengthen research and education in implant dentistry and related fields. The OR Foundation provides a platform for scientists, practitioners and industry to exchange ideas, scientific and clinical knowledge. As an education provider, the OR Foundation presents and supports continuing education to further enable dental professionals from all disciplines to improve the lives of patients.

Those dental professionals not able to attend the Rotterdam symposium may look forward to the OR Global Symposium 2020 in New York form April 30th to May 2nd. Dental professionals can sign up to the OR Foundation newsletter to receive first-hand information on www.orfoundation.org.



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