G. Comm - Preventing legal actions and documenting its own work: audio and video support is getting more and more important for odontologists in their everyday work

Nowadays odontologists can not only selfguard themselves but also improve their job thanks to technological innovations in dental lights

Rimini, 17 May 2018

In the light of the relationship between odontologist and patient is important documenting every step through case history and every possible mean of diagnosis and documentation; on the one hand for diagnostic purposes; on the other hand for forensic purposes. These means can help the odontologist to prevent or manage in a more confident and easy way even an hypothetical law suit.

Odontologists are well aware of the growing importance of this theme, as demonstrated by the idea of the University “Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi” in Rome of offering a master’s degree in “Legal and forensic Odeontology”. This master has been organized in partnership with “Istituto Stomatologico Toscano” and “Odonto Consulence” and has reached its 4th edition, planned for academic year 2018/2019.

Professor Maria Sofia Rini and Professor Marco Brandy Bucci, didactical coordinators and master professors state: “Documenting every procedure with camera could seem excessive and it requires a specific authorization by the patient and assistant people, not only for video recording but also for storing the recorded materials”.

Anyway, the Italian Law 219, issued on 22 December 2017 (called “Consenso informato e disposizioni anticipate di trattamento” - Informed consent and anticipated disposals regarding treatment”) ratifies that informed consent, a milestone in medical treatment procedures, ought to be collected in written form or documented through videos and saved in the case history or in the electronic medical file.

“In case of a lawsuit, video recording will provide an effective documental support, highlighted by the immediateness and truthfulness of video: using a video camera during procedure is a useful instrument to defend odontologists’ work” as affirmed by Professor Rini and Professor Bucci.

It can be useful noting that camera can be used also without recording: actually, video camera can simply be used to show the patient the medical procedures, projecting the video on proper monitors. This enables an immediate comprehension of clinical problems by the patient.

Iris View Dental light by G.comm is the only completely made in Italy dental light with integrated camera since the camera is embedded in the light head.

This method entitles the odontologist to move freely, without having to pay attention to movements that could impact on the camera and the video as usually happens with traditional, not embedded video cameras.

Expodental Meeting- Rimini-17-18 May 2018- A1-aisle 1- Stand 31

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