G. Comm - Do you see clearly while working? Odontologists’ eyes are a precious instrument that should be helped and preserved

LED Technology to illuminate dental cabinets in an integrated way, preventing eyestrain and helping working better.

Rimini, 17 May 2018

Lighting solutions in dental practices should assure the proper light for every specific treatment and create a  uniform light to provide an optimal sight. Lighting influences some fundamental aspects such as  psychophysical well-being, eye comfort, precision during procedures and the realization of artificial facets as far as colour is concerned.

Professor Rolando Crippa, full Professor of the Master degree of “Odontology and dental Prosthesis (CLSOPD)” of the Univeristy “Università degli Studi di Genova” highlights the importance of a proper lighting system in dental practices: “If we work in a dental practice with just one central ceiling light and the operating light illuminating the oral cavity, walls and surroundings receive far less light, compared to the oral cavity.” Professor Crippa states: “Considering this situation, our eyes must behave as a camera diaphragm every time we move our sight from the oral cavity to other places in the room, even if we are not aware of this. Often we feel tired because of the improper lighting layout that we have created in our dental practice.”

Adjusting colour temperature is a fundamental aspect for odontologists, since in the oral cavity we can find different colours, but the predominant ones are the  withe colour of teeth and the different shades of red of soft tissues, that should be clearly seen. Professor Crippa says: “The white should not be too highlighted and the mucous of gums, cheeks, tongue or palate should not be seen as too red. That’s the reason why adjusting colour temperature is a key factor”.

Moreover,  light intensity adjustment is crucial in preventing and reducing eyestrain and fostering concentration. If light intensity increases, melatonin production decreases and this helps maintaining the attention and focus of the odontologist during its work. On the contrary,  if light becomes too intense, it causes eyestrain and can damage odontologists’ sight.

Considering the above-mentioned principles, lighting in dental practices should be uniform: “Ceiling lights based on the dental practices characteristics, combined with a dental light for the oral cavity that allows the odontologist to operate in a comfortable, upright position, without having to bend himself towards the patient due to a bad lighting of the oral cavity, are essential for the everyday work in dentistry” sums Professor Crippa up.

Thanks to LED technology and colour temperature and light intensity adjustments, applied both to  Nuvolina LED ceiling light and dental lights for oral cavity ( Polaris and Iris), having a complete lighting solution for every dental practice is within everyone’s reach.

Expodental Meeting- Rimini-17-18 May 2018- A1-aisle 1- Stand 31

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