- Ortoplus, Digital Laboratory, Traditional and International in all its Lines

Ortoplus Group, one of the largest traditional and digital laboratories in Europe, is a reference worldwide with presence in more than 45 countries and solutions that very few laboratories can offer today.

Malaga, Spain. May, 2018 - One of the best features of the Ortoplus Group is that it has a powerful digital technology for sending digital impressions and production with 3D printing. The group consists of four divisions that each operate in a different market within the scope of oral health.


Ortoplus Group´s divisions

The Ortoplus Laboratory gives name to the group and offers traditional and digitized laboratory solutions. This laboratory has more than 800 orthodontic devices manufactured by the company in its catalog. Another major division of the group is Alineadent, an important company specialized in invisible aesthetic orthodontics that uses 3D printers and currently works with more than 6,700 clinics. The third division of the group is OrthoApnea, focused on a work area that is more medical than aesthetic and offers solutions against sleep disorders, snoring and apnea. Its devices help to rest, performance and prevention of diseases related to sleep apnea. Finally, we Ortho3D, which studies various R & D & I solutions, works on the constant improvement of technology with the testing and use of intraoral scanners, software tools, manufacturing (CAD / CAM), 3D printing and electronic communication with the client.
The capacity and experience of the group in its long history has allowed cover a large qualified team to offer high quality services to its customers. Ortoplus takes care of direct communication with the clinics with which it works and regularly imparts specialized certification training to doctors so that they can diagnose and treat their patients, whether due to dental problems or suffering from obstructive sleep apnea disorder.

The work of the laboratory is the development of innovative techniques and processes in which it collaborates with other laboratories or companies in the dental and digital sector to improve and continue to offer solutions.


A laboratory that moves towards absolute dental digitalization

Although Ortoplus maintains its traditional laboratory to continue offering all kinds of solutions in dental appliances to the dental clinics with which it collaborates, every day it goes more towards a complete dental digitalisation in the processes of scanning and conception of the treatments.

The target is to achieve a total optimization of time and material resources, simplifying and speeding up the workflow that is generated between dentists and the laboratory, using modern and updated technologies, being its best advantage printing in 3D printers and offering a greater precision in their treatments.

For this reason, a few months ago, in October 2017, the headquarters officially opened the doors of its new offices, which moved from the Soho of Malaga to the Alameda Bussines park. With this change has been invested in a new and modern facility provided with the best machinery and technological infrastructure, doubling the team and betting strongly on the digital process to break through to new business and international horizons.

The greatest achievement to date has been the adaptation and validation of numerous intraoral scanners that are used every day in dental clinics for the digital printing of patients' arches. The Research and Development team headed by Ana Fernández has been working on the necessary software for more than three years to make the complementation between the digital scanning systems of the clinics and the team of design and manufacture of appliances in the laboratory of the Ortoplus Group more feasible.





Clara García Solo de Zaldívar

Communication and Marketing Department, Ortoplus Group

+34 952 21 21 74 Ext. 105






Via Dell'industria, 65
01100 Viterbo - Italy
T +39 0761 352198
F +39 0761 352133
VAT: IT01612570562

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