- Eliminate Anxiety with Moverio During Dentist's Visit

Up to 80% patients suffer from anxiety at the dentist's office 

The Mulas brothers have developed an application -ICNOS- that allows to reduce the levels anxiety by allowing the patient to have control of his/her communication with the dentist and even having the chance of carrying out activities with augmented reality during the intervention.

Jonathan and Christian Mulas are two brothers born in London and raised in Italy. Having earned the degree in Dentistry at Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio in Madrid, they have combined two of their greatest passions: technology and dentistry, in order to improve visits to the dentist's office from the patient's point of view.

A common problem, a great solution
When starting third-year Dentistry practices, the Mulas brothers noticed that the majority of patients who went to see a dentist were anxious and fearful. Also, those who were able to overcome that sensation faced a new problem: boredom in view of the immobility that, at times, is seen as a waste of time.

The problem lies in the stereotyped belief the population has on what a dentist represents.

The solution: ICNOS & Moverio
The passion for technology led the Mulas brothers to think about a practical solution that would allow to overcome the diverse challenges that the patient faces at the office: anxiety and boredom. The goal was to stir up the patient's experience by providing a greater understanding of the dental treatment and free the patient during the intervention.

The Epson Moverio BT-350 smartglasses allowed to contribute a new element at the office that would give the patient control. By being able to see a screen while at the dentist's, without being completely isolated and "uncommunicated" from the environment, this allowed to provide a new layer of reality where the patient could be comfortable, entertained and free to communicate.

When arriving at the office, the patient can choose if he/she wants or doesn't want to use the Moverio smartglasses. If he/she chooses to do so, the patient settles into his/her treatment chair and the assistant places the Epson Moverio smartglasses on with the Icnos App. As of that moment, the patient can browse through several software options. If, during treatment, the patient feels the need to tell the dentist something, e.g. how much time is left or if he/she needs a break, he/she can do so through the app, connected to a Bluetooth loudspeaker that emits predetermined messages. All of this happens without interrupting the expert's work.

Moverio smartglasses: practical, comfortable and useful
The Epson Moverio smartglasses perfectly adjust to the patient's needs: light, easy-to-use and intuitive. They incorporate an absolutely astonishing image quality, with insurmountable graphics and reduced dimensions.

With the ICNOS App, the Moverio smartglasses turn into the ideal solution for the dentist, allowing to offer a quality service to his/her patients, standing out from the competition and boosting his/her loyalty. The expert saves time and successfully handles his/her "tough" patients. Similarly, patients enjoy a technological experience, with custom sessions, with total autonomy and commodity. In addition to taking advantage of the intervention time, patients feel more empathy from the dentist and safer to communicate their needs, despite having their mouths occupied and immobilized.

A successful solution
Over 50 dentists have already been pioneers in the use of this solution, implementing it at the office. The Mulas brothers are currently in the process of updating and improving the app, to apply slight changes that allow for it to be adapted to other medical environments where the patient needs to stay still and be conscious, such as local anesthesia interventions, dialysis and transfusions. 



About Icnodent
Icnodent is a startup that is born with the mission of improving the patient's experience at the dentist's office. After researching the possible solutions to entertain patients and give them a sense of control, they developed the Icnos system: using the Epson Moverio glasses, patients are entertained through the app, browse online, read their favorite posts online or watch videos. But the most innovative function of this application is the ability to communicate with the dentist through predetermined messaged and connected to an incorporated Bluetooth loudspeaker.


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