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The International Forum Bulmedica/Buldental will be held from 16 to 18 May 2018 at
Inter Expo Center - Sofia, Bulgaria

High technology is the backbone of the real revolution in modern world. Today, they occupy an increasingly important place in sector of construction, the industrial, automotive, textile and furniture industries, even in the food and beverage industry. But the main arena for revealing their potential is the vast world of medicine. The latest high-tech innovations in the sector will be shown during the 52nd edition of the international exhibition Bulmedica/Buldental, which will be held from May 16th to 18th at Inter Expo Center in Sofia, Bulgaria.

For over half a century, the well-established forum has enabled specialists to get acquainted with not only the most advanced technology but also to exchange ideas and contacts with other professionals. Last year's edition of Bulmedica/Buldental brought together professionals from around the world - France, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, Republic of Korea, Albania, Ukraine, Israel, Belgium, Russia, Cyprus, thus becoming a sustainable platform for sharing the latest novelties in the sector.

The magic of 3D technology

"There is a transformation of analog technology towards digitalization" as explicitly commented the experts during Bulmedica/Buldental 2017. According to the participants, having a printer, software and a scanner is a must for any modern laboratory. This is why the introduction of 3D printers specializing in the different spheres of medicine was the focus of last year's exhibition. Among the advantages of this technology are time-saving and the production of a qualitative product tailored to the anatomy of the patient when elaborating dentures. Precision 3D scanning allows you to create a detailed model, allowing the 3D printing machine to make a product tailored to the individual patient's parameters.

In the field of dentistry, visitors to Bulmedica/Buldental have become acquainted with 3D technologies allowing the elaboration of a jaw model and temporary crowns after scanning the jaw with an intraoral scanner. Everything needed can be tailored to individual patient specifics, and the materials with which 3D printers produce different elements become more and more diverse.

The ultrasound device - the doctor's eye

The specialists who attended Bulmedica/Buldental in 2017 reviewed the most modern equipment in an atmosphere that recreated modern medical and hospital settings.
For the needs of prompt and accurate diagnosis the professionals reviewed presentations ultrasound devices with the size of a modern laptop. The exhibition was a real "haven" for the highest class of ultrasound devices to track pregnancy. Among the offers were also new generation machines, hi-tech advanced ULTRA SLIM transducers and the latest generation of high-quality image processors at the most compact size.

The variety of diagnostic ultrasound systems discovered by the experts were yet another evidence that medicine has continued to evolve. The portable and easy-to-use machines, compact in size, featuring fast operation and state-of-the-art imaging technologies, raised a lot of 4curiosity. For the needs of urgent medical assistance there were demonstrated models conforming to EN 1789: 2007.

Technologies have unlimited opportunities
Among the array of suggestions there were new-generation bone surgery devices, combining both maximal efficiency and non-traumatic procedure. In order to ensure a maximum sterile environment in the hospital and the medical office, numerous innovative systems for bactericidal, fungicidal, viricidal and sporicidal action were proposed.

In the forum, which proved that technologies have unlimited opportunities and that nothing is impossible for modern medicine, there took part more than 200 direct companies. Companies from Bulgaria, Italy, France, Russia, Singapore, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Latvia, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Slovenia, Hungary presented over 240 innovations in manufacturing technology, products, medical software, equipment and furnishings.

The exhibition is organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Health in Bulgaria and with the support of the professional organizations - Bulgarian Medical Union, Bulgarian Dental Association, Union of Dental Technicians in Bulgaria, Association of Dental Dealers in Bulgaria and Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union.


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