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What is QDENT® SEMIFLEX Acrylic?
QDENT® SEMIFLEX Acrylic is a totally new and revolutionary material for removable dental prosthesis. Its most outstanding feature is its flexibility, which depends on its thickness. As thickness grows, flexibility falls and the material becomes practically rigid. For this reason, it can bring together in the same item a rigid base (little flexibility) together with semi-flexible retainers. This is a type of product that could not be created until now with conventional acrylic materials.


What are the advantages of QDENT® SEMIFLEX Acrylic?
The main advantage – as already mentioned –, is its characteristic flexibility, which can be adjusted according to thickness. Nevertheless, there are also other advantages that are worth mentioning:
1. It does not require any specific equipment - The working process to produce a prosthesis is the same as with any conventional thermal curing material, through a hydrocolloid or silicone process.
2. Perfect adherence between QDENT® SEMIFLEX Acrylic and the artificial tooth. This makes the bonding process much simpler.
3. It allows making abutment restorations and replacements - In this case, you may apply just the usual techniques for conventional acrylic resins.
4. It allows conventional polish and finish - The finishing process is carried out in the same way and to achieve similar appearance and finish as with any other acrylic material. In numerous cases, the final look is of a superior quality.
5. Can be relined, repaired
6. Teeth and clasp can be added

How do you work with QDENT® SEMIFLEX Acrylic?
QDENT´S SEMIFLEX ACRYLIC has the most flexibility within 2mm of thickness. The flexibility gradually drops as the thickness of each prosthesis increases any prosthesis over 3mm will become rigid.
The figure below shows different strategies to implement clasp in a prosthesis made of QDENT® SEMIFLEX Acrylic. The yellow colored areas represent around 1 mm thickness (high flexibility). The orange colored areas represent around 2 mm thickness (medium/low flexibility) and the red colored areas are the areas over 3 mm thick (practically rigid areas).






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