- The 10th anniversary edition of Sofia Dental Meeting-the best edition ever made

Regardless of the vacation season, the preparation of the upcoming 10th anniversary edition of Sofia Dental Meeting is harder than ever. The trademark of SDM and one of the reasons to be so successful is the ambition for every next edition to be the best ever made. This goal seems to be easily achieved with the joined efforts of the five past scientific chairmans of the congress-Prof. Andre Saadoun, Prof. Angelo Putignano, Prof. Nitzan Bichacho, Prof. Jean Francois Lasserre and Dr. Rafi Romano.

For its anniversary, SDM 2017 will represent ones of the best and most wanted lecturers coming from all over the world to share their knowledge with our participants: Mauro Fradeani, Galip Gurel, Ivan Malagon, Nazariy Mykhaylyuk, Bertrand Khayat.

The focus of SDM 2017 will be the most modern achievements in the dental sphere- the new technologies, the new names in the dental world and the new international partners. For the first time, Sofia Dental Meeting will represent speakers from the Japanese Dental Association who will share their experience in the sphere of the esthetics, the micro invasive restorative techniques and the microsurgery soft-tissue augmentation.Dr. Clara Ramel will show in her lecture and hands-on how to treat the enamel spots with micro invasive techniques. One of the leading French specialist- Dr. Arnaud Soenen will demonstrate in workshop the planning and 3D printing of surgical implant guides ; Dr. Ivan Malagon will present in his lecture and workshop the conception of Invisalign. Our participants will be expecting with a great interest the lecture and demonstration of the implantology “guru” - Prof. Nitzan Bichacho, the lecture and the demonstration of Dr. Marco Ronda , the participation of the bestseller author of Quintessence –Dr. Vincenzo Musella and the world star in the dental sphere-Dr. Mario Semenza.
These amazing professionals will share their knowledge together with the best Bulgarian specialist -Dr. Ivan Yonchev, Dr. Adriana Yovcheva, Dr. Bojidar Kafelov, Dr. Venceslav Stankov.


As an anniversary edition, we make our best for the dentists so they could feel the magic of the dental world and to acquire of the knowledge of the following professionals.




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