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Medesy is proud to present a great new Curette Line, completely renewed and rethought for the purpose of offering high-performance instruments that fully respond to doctors daily needs, as they can use always the best for their practice. Using a new stainless steel alloy Medesy has created a superior Curette, with harder and sharper edges for a more comfortable scaling as well as increased sharpness durability of the blade for prolonged use.

The special characteristics of the curette ensure maximum efficiency in deep scaling, periodontal debridement and root planing. Thanks to the new special steel alloy the blades remain sharper longer, even after prolonged use thus reducing considerably the need and time spent on re-sharpening. The Company Medesy is located in a small Italian city near Venice, Maniago, that has a 600 years tradition in manufacturing stainless steel instruments. This long tradition, history and experience in the field are the guarantee of a strong know-how and that ensure great capabilities to realize only high quality dental instruments, that today are worldwide appreciated. In fact, all the curettes are accurately finished by Medesy craftsman to ensure that the same high degree of sharpness is obtained on each blade, a professional finishing process finely performed to provide the greatest edge retention for reliable and durable performance in the time.

The curettes are enriched by the elegant Dalila new Medesy handle characterized by an innovative and exclusive design ensuring a more comfortable and secure grip as well as easier cleaning, efficient disinfection and perfect sterilization. Moreover Dalila handle is an added value and a concrete expression of Medesy artisanal culture and strong investment in innovation an research. A practical arrow-shape indicator on the handle shows the sharp side. Medesy new Gracey Curette Line includes different models: Standard Type, Short Type, for an easier sub-gengival insertion even in the deepest and narrow periodontal pockets, Long Type, that allow deep reaching and Rigid Type, very resistant and usable for treatments usually performed with scalers. In order to comply with every doctor necessities and offer a complete range of Gracey Curettes, Medesy decided to propose a modular selection of variations including different handles material and dimension. Basically, different sizes available are: 8 mm Ø and 10 mm Ø. This choice has been made considering the fact that dentists and dental hygienists are at a high risk for developing work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), including carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). An important risk factor in dental practice is forceful pinching, which occurs most frequently during dental scaling.

A recent study showed that ergonomically larger diameter handles (8 mm Ø & 10 mm Ø) provide a more comfortable grasp and help reduce hand fatigue, thus minimizing the prevalence of CTS among dental practitioners. All curettes types are available in three different handles: 8 mm Ø and 10 mm Ø inox steel, 8 mm Ø inox steel with a practical color code rign on the handle. Standard Type Curettes are available in a further version: 8 mm Ø anodized aluminium with different handle and colour-coded for easy identification. 









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